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I would highly endorse and support any reference to the positive for and in behalf of Sajini Badrinarayan, with whom I have had the pleasure of working for the last few months.   Sajini has been part of the team that has led to the securing of a Colorado BEST bond by supplying the renderings and critical information in the development of replacing our current high school and has been absolutely critical in terms of actual design implementation to the overall project.  I am certainly thankful for her input, her mind, her common sense and her ability to anticipate.


As you will clearly see, Sajini has a high intellect which allows her to see things others do not.  I cannot recall the amount of times in design/implementation meetings that she clarified what others were failing to recognize and/or interpret.  She “gets it” and has the innate ability to supply the ideas that bring to fulfillment the actuality of what the client (or others) are attempting to express.  She has been a true light to this project and would not have obtained the success we are seeing were it not for her expertise combined with the ability to put such in terms all can understand.


Personally, I believe Sajini to be honest, realistic, and authentic.   She treats everyone as if they are far superior to herself, demonstrates care and interest in the project at hand, and in relation to this project has shown the ability to get along with a multiplicity of people.  She has a friendly demeanor, is positive and has avoided any truculent behavior in the many conversations and meetings we have had as a collective over the last year and a half.   She leans toward the urbane, the kind, and the light when conversing with others, even those who demonstrate difficulty in terms of arriving at solutions.


Sajini has been a critical part of our project team, a valuable asset to the origination, design and the actual project coming to fruition.   Individually and collectively, we have been pleased with her input and contribution to our project, and to the success we have experienced thus far.  I would be more than willing to endorse Sajini and would certainly look forward to working with her in the future  with respect to any project we pursue; I would entertain any conversations regarding her work and can be contacted at the number above.

Curt Wilson

Superintendent of Schools

Phone 719.274.5174

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