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"Becoming a mother at the age of 36 was and continues to be the best role of my life. Realizing I'm responsible for another human being in nurturing, loving, being compassionate, I could achieve all that and more only leading by example. I see similar ethics as an architect, creating built environments on our land, for our community, comes with great honor and responsibility."


Founder I Principal Architect


sajini's story

Sajini is a registered architect since 2011, licensed in the state of New Mexico. She received her Master’s in Architecture from School of Architecture & Planning, University of New Mexico (UNM SA+P) in 2004, and Bachelor's in Architecture in 1999 from Bangalore University, India.

Sajini is grateful for the design and functional insights during her learning years in India as a student and as an architectural intern. Sajini had an opportunity to work in Muscat, Oman early in her career, experiencing firsthand how Islamic Architecture responded to an arid desert climate. These culturally rich influences further encouraged Sajini to pursue Master's in Architecture, moving to the United States in 2002. 

Graduating from UNM, Sajini worked in Albuquerque, NM and Portland, OR, gaining a variety of architectural experience in project types ranging from healthcare, hospitality, aviation, urban planning, K-12 and higher education projects. In all of her past experience, Sajini has been consistently commended for her personable nature, ability to listen, and her determination to create responsible spaces that respond to the needs of the client, community and the environment. 

Sajini recently had an opportunity to return to UNM SA+P, this time as faculty for architectural design studio for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate program. "Its been a rewarding experience, being instrumental in shaping a career in architecture for young passionate designers of our community."

Sajini strives for a 'work & play' balance. Apart from the excitement and fun of problem solving opportunities she enjoys in architecture, she also has a passion for photography, painting, hiking, cooking and baking with her daughter.

Sajini founded studio OCHER architecture in 2022, dedicated to creating a positive ripple in our community, our environment. Ocher is an earth mineral, a pigment used for its intense color properties back in ancient times in buildings, hieroglyphs, tribal arts & crafts. Sajini wanted her design studio name to align with her belief of ‘we borrow what belongs to the earth, and strive to be responsible!’.

"I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let us connect."

505 453 0303

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